The Art of

Unconditional Commitment






Hello and Welcome to The Art of Unconditional Commitment

The Art of Unconditional Commitment is more than a website, a course, a speech or even a book….
The Art of Unconditional Commitment is a movement.

A movement to help parents, prospective clients, caregivers and their children to the extraordinary challenges that will arise for you and your family on your journey together.

“As an event organizer I couldn’t have asked for a more knowledgeable, interactive, and empowering speaker than Sandra Cavanaugh. It was truly an honor to have her level of expertise at our event!”

~Wendy Mastroeni, Rock That Awesome~

“Sandra’s broad experience and wisdom has been  a godsend. I look forward to every coaching session and to practicing her suggestions. She listens to me, she is insightful, and she offers recommendations and suggestions that will be forever useful. Sandy does all of this in a manner that lightens my heart, often makes me laugh, and broadens my view of my case, my situation, and my future activities. Her coaching has definitely had a powerful effect on building my self-confidence and on strategies to proceed in a very, very difficult legal situation. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

~ Christina Baldwin – Parent ~


This training and speaking series, as well as the upcoming book were developed by Sandra Cavanaugh based on her experiences as a mother of 4 daughters, 3 of whom are adoption miracles.  

Sandra’s two youngest daughters were adopted from Foster Care in 2004.  

Sandra’s passion and humor provide parents with a guide to maneuvering the pitfalls and potholes that come with parenting children with special needs.