The Art of

Unconditional Commitment



Hello and Welcome to The Art of Unconditional Commitment

A movement to help parents, caregivers and their children to the extraordinary challenges that will arise for you and your family on your journey together.

“Sandra’s broad experience and wisdom has been  a godsend. I look forward to every coaching session and to practicing her suggestions. She listens to me, she is insightful, and she offers recommendations and suggestions that will be forever useful. Sandy does all of this in a manner that lightens my heart, often makes me laugh, and broadens my view of my case, my situation, and my future activities. Her coaching has definitely had a powerful effect on building my self-confidence and on strategies to proceed in a very, very difficult situation. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

~ Christina Baldwin – Parent ~


Sometimes as a parent who has adopted, or who is raising children with special needs or behavioral issues, you just need to talk to someone who “gets it”.   And sometimes you need more than that. You need the help, resources and wisdom acquired through years of succeeding  against seemingly insurmountable odds.

I raised three daughters with special needs,

two of whom I adopted from the foster care system.

My children and I are glowing examples of the light at the end of the tunnel – and our story while full of some extraordinary and even horrific moments, is an inspirational story of unconditional commitment.  My children have not only survived but are thriving in ways that most said were impossible.

For much of my struggle as a parent, I was alone. 

Now I have made a commitment to help other parents as they struggle to maintain hope in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles and extraordinary, lifelong challenges.

Additionally, I have worked with children with special needs, developmental, and mental health challenges to help them develop their creativity, improve their communication skills, free their imagination, build their self esteem and share their own unique creative genius.

“Sandra is dynamic, supportive, and innovative in her approach when working with students, with and without disabilities. She believes in every child, and she believes in helping them to discover their strengths and reach their full potentials. Time and time again, they rise to the occasion. She is amazing in everything she does, and we are lucky to have her in our midst.”

Angela Tripp Lindig – Executive Director IPUL